TrashMe 2.1.5

Uninstaller that cleans all traces apps leave behind


  • Easy to use
  • Detects and deletes associated files
  • Lists applications


  • No additional cleaning tools included

Very good

Uninstalling apps on Macs is easy, but some programs will leave files behind, wasting hard drive space. TrashMe not only uninstalls apps, but finds and cleans related files too.

The main interface supports drag and drop, so any installed application can simple be pulled into TrashMe. However, you can also list all your apps and check those you want to uninstall. By default, deleted things are sent to the trash, but you can choose to have TrashMe remove them from there too.

TrashMe is really effective when it comes to removing folders created by apps containing histories, preferences and temporary files. It leaves your Mac's hard drive cleaner and tidier than otherwise.

If you're looking for an app to help uninstall programs and clean up any files left behind, TrashMe is an excellent free option.



TrashMe 2.1.5

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